Kelly and Niall


The day started out rainy, even thundering… driving the back roads up to Ojai, the scent  of the lovely rain on the sage, eucalyptus and the other fragrant plants was HEAVENLY!!!

The sun broke through just in time for the wedding.   Kelly and Niall’s ceremony was fun, casual and full of laughter and joy!! Like THEM!!  She even sported a gorgeous pair of high turquoise platforms under her amazing gown… ( wish I had a picture of her shoes to share!!)…  I DO have a fun picture of the ceremony that I just found on Braedon’s site…        Image #6…

Thanks Braedon!!!

Here is another from my collection:


The ceremony was at Ojai Valley Inn, and the event design was by my best friend Tricia Fountaine!! (

I love my job!! : )


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