One of the best parts of my job comes after the work is done.

Here is a beautiful thank you note I received from Rachel and Tor… Their wedding took place last autumn, at  Alice Keck Park in downtown Santa Barbara, though it looks as if we held the ceremony  in a lush, tropical rainforest!


I wanted to thank you for making our ceremony so special. You did such a wonderful job making it personal, romantic, funny and perfect. We received many compliments on it throughout the evening. Several people told me they even cried( I am surprised I was able to hold it together!)

You were so easy to work with and to get to know. We loved how down to earth, funny and real you are. And you were able to take our fairly boring lives and spin them into a touching ceremony-all the while including our dear cat, Cheeto!

Many thanks! Rachel and Tor

Thank You Rachel and Tor!


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