Wedded Bliss in a Forest

It was an autumn wedding made mystical by the soft veil of misty rain. The bride, full with two babes in her belly, was protected by a wall of sturdy Italian men.  The couple’s friends and family watched with rapt attention. Between the words I spoke to bless their future children, we could hear the gentle sounds of the nearby creek. The silence of the land reigned.  It felt as if we were in some primeval forest, in some far off land in a fairy tale.  Yet here we were, not 5 minutes away from downtown Santa Barbara, tucked away in the arms of the oaks at the Museum of Natural History!!  Dreamy!!!

If you’re interested, call Meredith Moore 682-4711 ext 112. It is a gorgeous place to visit on any day!!! And tell her I sent you!! : )


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