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Oh, did I tell you, I LOVE FLOWERS???

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Well, if you couldn’t tell by my website design, I LOVE FLOWERS!!! I love how they look, how they smell. I love wandering through fields of them.  I love how they are just these incredible works of art all by themselves and then masterpieces when put together! I love the energy they add to a room! I love wearing them in my hair, and around my neck and on my wrists when I dance hula (or even just dancing through life!)  I love the joy that they bring people.

I have had the extreme fortune to assist my BFF, Tricia Fountaine, AMAZING Mistress of Event~ Floral~Costume Design, with creating floral designs for many weddings and events. It is beyond words what I have learned from her!!! Please check out her FABULOUS website: .

We ALWAYS have so much fun together, surrounded by (you guessed it!)  FLOWERS, music, cats, tea, Pirate Booty (her fave) and never ending LAUGHTER!!! I could go on and on about the funny stories, joy and creativity that oozes out of us when we are together… she is the Best!

With Tricia’s blessings and encouragement, I offer couples that I perform ceremonies for, the added service of creating bouquets and boutonniere’s for them. Here are 2 pictures of a wedding where I did both the ceremony and the flowers. You can click on the photos to enlarge them. Shannon and Ken’s beautiful wedding took place at Alice Keck Park under  sunny skies.

Shannon chose white callas and oh-so-tiny but fragrant, lily of the valley, for her bouquet. She also chose to tie into it, a horseshoe, which is a personal touch that had meaning for her and Ken. I encourage my couples to bring to their ceremonies objects, rituals, poetry, music, and stories or anything that is deeply meaningful to them (some couples bring their dogs!)  I love being the facilitator of GREAT MEMORIES and creating beauty!!!  With words and FLOWERS!!!