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This past Valentines Day, I cracked open a hard boiled egg to put into my tuna salad, and I got a beautiful Valentines day wish!!! Look closely and you will see what I mean!!!! I thought it was just perfect  to post this LOVE EGG on my Easter blog…

Easter 2010

Easter Madness at my sister’s house… about 50 of us… lots of great food, lots of NOISE, lots of laughter.  My daughter and I have been looking forward to this gathering all week. In the midst of the mayhem, I marvel at how all this began.

My parents were in Love and got married.

And they brought together their 2 families. Here we are in the presence of my Mom and Dad, my Dad’s aunts (one who just turned 97),  my Mom’s sisters (one is 90), my Dad’s sister, and all my cousins, second cousins, their husbands, wives, kids, fiance/e’s, boyfriends, girlfriends, family friends… not to mention my own sisters, (my brother is away on business) and all of the kids and spouses between us!!  The generations of family connections (ancestors, present and future) created from this one powerful bond between my parents. And it continues on and on and on into eternity…

Pretty amazing what Love can do!!!!

And the deviled eggs were  pretty scrumptious, too!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad!!!


7 Responses to “My Blog”

  1. What a beautiful website. I hope those considering using Nancy know that she is one of the most incredible people ever! Spending a special occasion with her would make a memory of a lifetime even more amazing.

  2. I know the love and dedication you put into the vows you create and have witnessed the magic! You have truly found your calling and I am so happy you have answered!

    Aloha Nui Nui Loa ~

  3. oh and you forgot the singing of ha…… ha……… ha………hap,happy birthday. sooooooooooooooooooo loud but happy!!!!!
    love our family!!!!!!!!!! and what about that bingo for easter baskets?!?!?!
    we always have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Smiling at all the wonderful things said about you and the great story about “family.” So nice to find your site/blog…it’s been so long since I’ve seen you. Lots of love to you and your family from one of your dad’s-side-cousins (in NJ).

    • Heather!!! So great to hear from you!!! It HAS been a very long time!! Please let us know when you come back out west for a visit… I would love to see you!!! Do keep in touch!!! LOVE to your family, too!!! : )

  5. Barbara Milliken Pivnicka Says:

    What a wonderful tribute!
    It has been tremendous to meet so many who were touched by Pat’s enthusiasm. It wasn’t until we heard the amazing “guitar-chestra” and the Soho Concert that all of us fully realized how much his artistry and musicianship were valued by his colleagues.
    Pat was a great booster and advocate for his friends and family–if he was in your corner, you KNEW it! Miss him like a maniac, but am confident that his legacy is a powerful one. Thank you, Nancy, for this tribute and also for the lovely Blessing you wrote in April–I look forward to staying in touch.

    • Barbara,
      Thank you so much for making a comment here.. I truly enjoyed meeting your family and seeing all the Milliken’s!! And seeing Pat in each of you!! Beautiful!
      I miss him like crazy too, and sometimes when I am crying about it, I will think of funny things with him, like a funny comment he might make at that moment, and then I am laughing again! I feel like he is laughing with me. All the time!! So then I don’t feel like he is very far away, I just feel like a crazy person!!! LOL!! But TRULY he is ALWAYS THERE WITH ME!! My funny angel on my shoulder, on my team… on everyone’s team!!! TEAM PaT!! Whee heee!!
      I know that we will be sharing many more stories!!! Did I tell you the one about when Anne Shaw and I were in Carpinteria a couple of Friday’s ago????

      I will tell you soon!!! Much Love, Nancy 🙂

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