Kelly and Niall’s Wedding Video!!!

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I am so excited that Kelly and Niall’s wedding was posted with a video of their ceremony !! There are no words, but the FEELING is there!!! Do have a look and ENJOY!!!

I hope 2014 is filled with AMAZING  joyous experiences and so much LOVE…

Kelly & Niall Wedding

Blessings to you all!!!  : )

Kelly and Niall

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The day started out rainy, even thundering… driving the back roads up to Ojai, the scent  of the lovely rain on the sage, eucalyptus and the other fragrant plants was HEAVENLY!!!

The sun broke through just in time for the wedding.   Kelly and Niall’s ceremony was fun, casual and full of laughter and joy!! Like THEM!!  She even sported a gorgeous pair of high turquoise platforms under her amazing gown… ( wish I had a picture of her shoes to share!!)…  I DO have a fun picture of the ceremony that I just found on Braedon’s site…        Image #6…

Thanks Braedon!!!

Here is another from my collection:


The ceremony was at Ojai Valley Inn, and the event design was by my best friend Tricia Fountaine!! (

I love my job!! : )

Stephanie and Tyler and the Labyrinth!

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My longtime dearest friend, Tracy and her wonderful husband, Howard, hosted at their amazing  home, Villa Florence, a beautiful wedding in the center of their labyrinth!!  






The newlyweds, Stephanie and Tyler, set their intent as a couple not only to love each other forever, but to focus their energies helping others understand the importance of reducing their footprint  on our Earth. Together they are a force to be reckoned with!!  I am so grateful that they chose me to join them in their sacred union!! 






Their wedding was featured in this month’s Style Me Pretty Blog!!

           Photography by Tobin Photography!!!   

California Wine Country Wedding on Style Me Pretty!!!

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I was so thankful to preside over this wedding ceremony  for Kat and Brian last year… what made it special was they introduced their precious new baby girl to their family and friends during the ceremony.  Their wedding site was Coquelicot Winery, which felt like we were far, far  away in some other country… out in the country.. if you know what I mean!!

The day was warm and lovely, one that will stay in my memory  for many moons…

Walking in with the Groom, Brian...

Walking in with the Groom, Brian…

The Beautiful Bride, Kat, making her entrance!!

The Beautiful Bride, Kat, making her entrance!!

The Lovely Ceremony site...

The Lovely Ceremony site…

I am so happy since today I was informed their wedding got onto the Style Me Pretty Blog!!   Enjoy the photos!!

My Hula Sister Weds her Dream Man!!!

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Stacey and Arthur thought it was only going to be their annual family reunion. And the moment inspired them to tie the knot whilst the whole gang was there. They called me the night before, asking if I would do the honors of presiding over their wedding!!! YES, I have only been waiting for MANY MOONS!!!  So I hopped the fence( they live next door to me!!) and asked them every possible question  about their LOVE…  I ran back home to my computer, and TA DA!!! It is done!!!  Bright and early the next morning, I set out to find the best flowers in our neighborhood, and I put together a neighborhood bouquet for the bride!! Every gorgeous color on the street!!!

Our Neighborhood Bouquet!!

I then went to Fess Parker’s Hotel, where they were all gathered… and we moved the chairs around a bit, to accommodate our lovely ceremony.. The sun was shining bright, after a morning of FOG!!!  Their family was just finishing up with their morning gathering.  Into the courtyard walks the groom’s sister, Barbara, chanting a most amazing Hawaiian chant to bless the ceremony. You could FEEL her pulling up the energy from the Earth and pouring it into the space…it was so powerful, everyone was teary eyed!

The Bride and Groom were so Happy!!! It was an incredible SPONTANEOUS wedding… and we were all thrilled that everything came together so effortlessly!!!

I am so thankful for my Hula Sister Stacey and for Arthur( Arturo!!!)!! And I am so happy that I could honor them  with a meaningful ceremony!!! It was fun for me too, since I could reflect on all the wonderful experiences I have had with both of them through the many years, and put my love for them into the ceremony…

How Blessed We all are to have such Love in our Lives with Family and Friends….

Aloha Nui Loa!!


Steampunk Wedding!!!

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 I had the honor of officiating a Steampunk Wedding up at Dos Pueblos Ranch!!! Everyone was in their finest old Victorian attire… it was as if we boarded a time machine and were transported to another world!!! And what a beautiful and Happy world that was indeed!  The ceremony took place under a canopy of sycamores, oaks and eucalyptus trees.. It was MAGICAL!!! Here is an amazing blog with all the incredible photos of the day!!!


                                       KATE AND JACOB


                 They asked me to include this beautiful passage  in their ceremony.. I believe it is from the Lord of the Rings….

            When Autumn lies upon the world and in a noon of gold.

Beneath the roof of sleeping leaves, the dreams of trees unfold.

When light is on the wild-wood stream and wind is on the brow.

When sun warms the hanging fruit and burns the berry brown.

When honey spills and apple swells.

When starless nights devour the sunless days.

When broken is the barren bough and light and labour past.

When Winter comes, and singing ends; when darkness falls at last.

I will call to thee beneath the bitter rain-

And I will wait for thee until we meet again!

Together we will take the road that leads into the west,

and far away will find a land where both our hearts may rest.    

                                 Many Blessings to You, Kate and Jacob!!! 

Yay,we got published!!! : )

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So excited to have a tiny picture, but really to have my name in an amazing online wedding blog!!!   I officiated a wedding at the San Ysidro Ranch for wonderful couple        Joy and Zach!  And she sent me this link the other day!!!  Type  Joy and Zach in the search box to find the beautiful gallery of photos…